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Originally Posted by tailofdog View Post
I will be honest when i get it!
I have to wait until close to june(my birthday) As i have been spending huge amounts of money on bird aviaries and, birds to set up for breeding.
I have had to promise my wife a 2 month layoff on any new toys.
I can get away with ordering it middle May but, not bfore
How would you decribe the learning curve?
I had a NEOXXLINE racquet that was good on groundstrokes but, very difficult on volleys.
The Vortex looks more traditional so, i assume the learning curve is more subtle
wow....that sounds pretty interesting. I personally like birds of prey. I had a falcon on my arm.....incredible animal.

On to tennis.....that neoxline is a weird stick indeed. I never hit with it but I'm sure the learning curve is nothing like the vortex.

You will hit your normal shots right out of the box amd you will notice a bit more spin than before.....but you won't appreciate the difference from a normal
racquet until a few sets .

I didn't notice that big of a difference until this one amazing shot....I was hitting with a division 1 pro and he smacked the hardest ball I have ever felt while i was at the net . I didn't merely volley it back but it was a pure winner was a volley like I have never hit in my life . even the pro was amazed amd he said "I can't hit it harder than that ".

It's those shots you really reach for that you never could get to before where you notice the difference in the stick. Your not going really appreiate it until you are pushed to the max.

I believe the volleys are so good is because the "vortex" shape has very low tension at the top are of the head. Normal racquet get very tight in that position .....but with the vortex those stretched out volleys come flying over the net for pure winners.

So there's no real learning curve but you can only really appreciate the stick when you are pushed to the max.

Having said all that I let the pro hit with the 100 and he didn't even want to touch it. Reluctantly he did amd he said the racquet was too thick for him as his topspin is huge. His balls were flying into the parking lot. But i simy strung it tighter and now he loves it. It's comes strung at 45 which means at the top it's about 35. I strong my vortex at about 60.
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