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Originally Posted by HitItHarder View Post
Last night I was moving some lead tape on two of my racquets and one strip actually pulled a pretty large paint chip off one of my frames. I was not particularly happy. Not the end of the world -- it is a tennis racquet and not a piece of art or anything -- but I want to try and avoid this in the future. Anyone have tips to help prevent this.

By the way, it was just regular old Gamma lead tape from TW. 3" strips (1/4 wide) at 10 & 2 on the inside of the frame of my MG Rad. Paint chip was probably an inch long.
i found a great, easy solution to this. it has never happened to me but when i first bought lead (gamma swingweights), the quality was disastrous, the adhesive barely working. the weights kept coming off when i took big cuts at the ball. i didn't want to use glue and make it very difficult to take off and possibly damage the paint.
i found some nice heavy duty tape and cut them into strips slightly longer and wider than the gamma swingweights. i stuck these onto the frame. applied super glue underneath the lead weights and stuck them on to the the tape. the strips should be bigger than the lead pieces/tape because when you press down and apply pressure, the super glue will bleed onto to the bare frame. so this way you're leaving a margin.
so far i haven't had a problem with lead coming off. i suspect the duct tape will come off easily without damaging the paint at all, although i haven't tried it yet. or you can experiment with various adhesive tapes to see which one comes off with the least effort, most cleanly; therefore being least likely to peel off paint and use that as a platform.
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