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Neos 1500 with a Wise unit should do you justice as its reliable and has everything you just about need
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Club, you are getting heaps of good advice.
I have been looking for a used Star 4, new Star 5 for a while and one consideration is major service problems- if these guys at TransOcean will back you up(you mentioned training), have been in business a while with Tyger then it is probably a good one to go for. if they are close to you ...even better.
You are not crazy! ...we all are...about tennis.
Okidoki - but the Prince Neos 1500 + the Wise will be circa $1800, which with VAT, taxes and shipping probably will be more than what the Electronic Tyger StringUltra 630 will cost me........ and I can buy the Tyger StringUltra 630 in a shop 10 km/6 miles from where I live.

They (TransOcean Sport) offer free training in using the stringer as part of the deal and will also offer service and support in the future to come.

Will also check another dealer, which sell an electronic Stringman for circa the same price. The tennis store which sells the Stringman is even closer to where I live - 5 minutes walk, I can almost see the shop from where I live


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Except for a 6 point base.
What's a 6 point base
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