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Here are the results of my experimentation with lead on a Babolat Pure Drive GT:

1) 4g at 3+9. Definite improvement. Racquet feels more solid on contact with the ball.

2) 8g at 3+9. More heft and weight. Noticeably improved 'clubbing' ability on serves which are now bombs. Extra weight allows me to get out of trouble with deep pentrative shots when I would otherwise be on the defensive. Slight loss of manouvrabilty at the net. Racquet feels heavy after an hour's play though and my arm feels tired. Bit reluctant to use this during long competitive matches because its just a bit too tiring for me.

3) 6g at 3+9. About the best compromise between improved stability and being able to maintain racquet head speed. BEST COMPROMISE SO FAR.

4) 8g at 3+9 and 2g at 12. Hideous. Racquet feels like a hammer and serves are uncontrollable - the racquet seems to swing without me wanting it to!

5) 8g at 3+9 and 5g at 7" from the butt cap. Unplayable. Racquet feels very ponderous and slow.

6) 8g at 3+9 and 5g in buttcap. Feels weighty but not unmanageble. Racquet is incredibly solid - no weight of ball seems to deflect its trajectory. My 1HBs are missiles and the extra weight seems to keep the racquet stable when hitting outside the sweet spot on my normally inconsistent 1HB. Unfortunately, the racquet is a too heavy for me to swing in the way that I would like. Significant reduction in racquet head speed on serves.

7) 6g at 3+9 and 2g in buttcap. I thought that this would be perfect but the racquet balance doens't feel right at all. Serves going into the net, groundstroks going long... Have removed the 2g in the buttcap.

Still experimenting.....happy to hear suggestions for what to try next.

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