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Originally Posted by TennisPassion5 View Post
Help is greatly appreciated

Just bought Gamma lead tape 1/4"

My biggest desire is additional control, followed by stability, followed by power.

I was thinking about adding lead tape at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions, but if it's geared more towards increasing the sweet spot, maybe I don't need that set-up if I'm looking for control over power.

In addition, does more head light necessarily mean more control? Because adding lead tape at 3 and 9 would make it more head heavy.

Thanks for the help in advance!
Well, it depends on your playing style. If you want more directional control, put it at 3&9, so you can have more stable shots. If you want more depth control, put it at 12 so you can have more topspin in your shots.

If you don't want an extreme trampoline super power shot from the sweet spot, just increase your string tension to compensate. A larger sweet doesn't always necessarily mean more power. It just means more stability.

Nobody really wants a head-heavy racquet. They are rather difficult to move around on serves and groundstrokes. It's an extreme rarity to see HH racquets on the pro tour. Adding lead tape anywhere beyond the balance point on the racquet WILL make it more head heavy. Several pros use racquets on the head heavier side, though (like around 3-5 pts. HL).

If you want to maintain the racquet balance from adding tape to the hoop, add tape to the handle to counterbalance the weight.
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