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Originally Posted by verbouge View Post
Say, Club Ho, are you way past considering a Stringway ML100 T92 or MS 200 T92? Seriously, great machines. I'm taking a break from my ML100 T92 for a moment here, and love this thing more with every racket strung.

The mounting system is unique; at least I believe it is. The tensioning of my machine is about as accurate as exists. The T92 clamps are exquisite. If you're not going for volume (are you?), but rather for quality, you may give Fred at Stringway a call. I don't think you're going to do better than this brand.

I have nothing to gain from this but to share a passion for excellence.


I think I will go for an electronic for added precision of tension and higher quality of clamps (don't know if this is bull, but was told that the more expensive electronic machines will be softer and more gentle on the paintjob of the frames, than the cheaper non-electronic machines)

Still don't know how and where I will place a 100 pound stringing monster and move it in and out of the closet a couple of times a month, when I need to string a couple of racquets

I will most likely go with Tyger String Ultra 630 electronic or an electronic from Stringway. The Prince Nexos 1500 + a Wise 2086 will be the same price as the Tyger StringUltra 630 Electronic, so the Nexos is out.

So I'm split between an electronic from Stringway or the Tyger StringUltra 630 Electronic.

Don't know which one it will be yet
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