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So i'm in the second half of my singles league and i'm in a tie for first place. I've split the head to head with the first place guy. Here are my specs and a little about my game.

310 grams.
70 RA
Currently playing Lux ALU @ 55lbs strung in May 2008. (Yeah you saw that)
No lead right now at all.

I played college tennis and used to play Wilson Rok, Prestige, usually with lead at 3 and 9.

Just took a two year layoff and coming back. The serve is getting consistent and i'm getting great placement.

One handed backhand, not a big hitter on that wing but I can place it where I have to.

Best shot is a slice approach. I'm able to keep the ball low and set up what I'm doing best, volleying.

I'd like a setup that helps me with two things. A little more pace on my ground strokes. Forehands tend to drop just long when I "get after it". I'm trying to spin it and it doesn't drop. Or if I want to do a topspin approach instead of the slice my topspin goes no where and into the net.

My return of serve has suffered too. The guy i'm fighting against has a big flat first serve and I get my stick on it and the ball goes nowhere. Usually I can block it back but the ball hits the strings, stick shakes and it goes nowhere.

I currently have some ALU Rough and ALU available. I'm willing to get some other poly's but would like to do this soon. Also interested in polarization. Read a little about it and wonder if it would work for me and how much lead would be needed and where? Thanks for the help guys! I promise to post results.
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