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Originally Posted by ClubHoUno View Post

So I'm split between an electronic from Stringway or the Tyger StringUltra 630 Electronic.
Don't know which one it will be yet
OK, then, my two cents.

The mounting system on the less expensive and the more expensive Stringway machines is EXACTLY the same. In other words, it's not a matter of price once you choose this company. The quality is without question. The next thing, the tensioning, is unique. If you go for the ML100 or the MS 200--there's nothing quite like it. One is done with gravity, one is done with a spring and a pedal. I have the gravity version, the ML100, and I can take the strings off a racket, mount it, and finish the complete string job unmounted from the platform in 31 minutes without being hurried. And I know my string bed is as accurately strung as any in the world. No exaggeration. I'm relatively new to this, too. The machine makes it easy.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the "you get what you pay for" argument is true in just about every case. But this one, this particular case, is worth a second look. The mounting system is the same from the least expensive to the most expensive machines. I can testify that it is rock solid and very easy to use, once you figure it out. The only questions after that are tensioning and customer service. You know where I stand on those two things.

I have no opinion on the Stringway electronics. My guess is that they are excellent, but you'll have to inquire of others who own those machines as to their qualities. But I will tell you that Fred Timmer himself has intimated that there is no more accurate system than that on the ML100. I tend to believe him. The thing is, what can be more accurate than gravity? The spring is great, but still, you have to calibrate it every twenty string jobs or so. And electronics, however sophisticated, cannot replicate tension as accurately as simple gravity. The "automatic drop weight" concept makes this soooooooo convenient and easy. OK, enough soap box and passion.

By the way, Club Ho, I've read many of your posts in "Strings and Stringing" and appreciate your thoughtfulness and attention to detail. It's apparent that you're looking for something of quality and longevity. Whatever you choose will most likely be an excellent machine.

I wish you luck.

Dave in Oregon, USA
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