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Originally Posted by LameTennisPlayer View Post
dream match tennis is a great game, but im having trouble with the timing on big serves, any tips?
I wish I did have some tips for you, I struggle with the exact same thing. Now, I generally find myself not going for anything quicker than a slice first serve because anything faster is pointless - I know that it won't go in seemingly regardless of how I time it.

Originally Posted by Algo214 View Post
Tennis Elbow 2009>>>>>>>>>>>Dream Match Tennis>>>>>any other
Tennis Elbow 2009 is by far the best, you can modify pretty much everything in it, and DMT is unrealistically hard I think
I've played both and I like the difficulty of Dream Match. Tennis Elbow still seems to arcady for my liking but the customisability of players is really good. If I had to choose one, it would be Dream Match but Tennis Elbow is a good game as well, I enjoy both.
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