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I'm using xbox360 pad to play Dream Match Tennis. It's much easier than using keyboard, but it doesn't take away the difficult timing needed.

What I don't get is when I hit ground strokes, let's say I aim right with the joystic, I still can't hit right side of the court in consistent manner. Most of the time it will go wide or to the middle of the court (as if the aiming doesn't have any effect). Sometimes, with no aiming (leaving joystic in the middle position), wide angle shots can be made based on pure timing.

I still can't figure out the proper control behavior.

Same for serving, good timing on the button push only seem makes sure you get good speed and if it's long/short. To position the ball down the T or wide is not intuitive. Do I flick the joystick or do I need to initiate the joystick movement at the right time?

Dream Match Tennis's controls are hard to figure out (for me).....
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