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Originally Posted by forthegame View Post
Does this site give you viruses, spyware etc?
No to my knowledge.But we should always be careful.Also this site is very good

Originally Posted by Dedans Penthouse View Post
Malakas, it was the '41 Humphrey Bogart-Mary Astor original. The "TCM" in my first post references a station here in the U.S. that stands for "Turner Classic Movies" and which plays...well, you guessed it: classic movies.

Tonight "TCM" features a Japanese masterpiece from legendary director Akira Kurosawa: "Rashomon" (1950).
Ah yes,because of the anniversary of his birthday,right?
Haven't watched Rashomon yet only the 7 Samurais..It's a little difficult to find online old japanese movies.I've been trying to find everywhere Tokyo Story by Yasujiro Ozu but no luck.Consider yourself lucky to be able to watch them in tv.
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