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Exclamation Commom Forum Abbreviations / Terminology

Here’s a few, suggest more, and I’ll add them. Special thanks to OO, who put forth probably most of these.

## * ## or ## X ## - The number of main-strings and cross-strings on a racquet (IE 16 * 18 or 16 X 18 as on the Yonex RDS 001 Midsize)
10 Characters (10 Chars / similar) - Used when someone wants to reply with less than 10 characters but needs to make the 10 character limit
1H - 1-handed (often as a prefix to BH or FH, ie. 1HBH)
2H - 2-handed (often as a prefix to BH or FH, ie. 2HBH)
AG - Aerogel as in Dunlop Aerogel 300 or Andres Guazzelli
AK90 - Wilson Kfactor Tour 90 from Asia
AK95 - Wilson Kfactor 95 from Asia
American Twist - A topspin serve that also has some side-spin on it*
AN90 - Wilson Ncode Tour 90 from Asia
AN95 - Wilson Ncode 95 from Asia
AO - Australian Open
APC - Aero Pro Control
APC+ - Aero Pro Control Plus
APD - Aero Pro Drive
APD+ - Aero Pro Drive Plus
APDC - Aero Pro Drive Cortex
APDC+ - Aero Pro Drive Cortex +
ATP (tour) - Association of Tennis Professionals *
BB - Boris Becker of Volkl, and his racquet line
BB - also Big Banger, as in Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power or other BB strings
BH - Backhand
BII - Adidas Barricade Two
BIII - Adidas Barricade Three
BIV - Adidas Barricade Four
CC - Cross-court or CanadianChic
CF - Topspin Cyber Flash
Challenger - a lower level professional tournament, maybe someone can go into better detail
Conti - Continental Grip
Crosses - The strings on a racquet that are perpendicular to the length of the frame
DD - Moderator DireDesire
DTL - Down-the-line
E - Eastern grip
Exhibition - A match played between two famous (current or ex-) players for money and not for rankings points
FH - Forehand
FO - French Open
FS - For Sale
FS/T - For sale or trade
FT - For Trade
GS - Grand Slam (each of the four majors)
GS - The Grand Slam (to win all four majors in a calendar year)
HD - High density string pattern
ITF - International Tennis Federation *
K90 - Wilson Kfactor Tour 90 from the US
K95 - Wilson Kfactor 95 from the US
Kick / Kicker - A topspin serve that also has some side-spin on it*
KK - Moderator KaptainKarl
Mains - The strings on a racquet that are parallel with the length of the frame
Mid - A mid=size racquet (approx <93 square inches in size, modern frames commonly seen in 85, 90 & 93) can be used as a suffix to describe a racquet
MP - A mid-plus sized racquet (from approx 93 square inches to 103, commonly seen in 95, 98 & 100) can be used as a suffix to describe a racquet
MS - Master's Series Tournaments
N90 - Wilson Ncode Tour 90 from the US
N95 - Wilson Ncode 95 from the US
NTRP - The USTA National Tennis Rating Program
NWIP - Not what I posted
OBO - Or best offer
OO - OrangeOne, one of the users on TTW
OS - An oversize racquet (a racquet bigger than 103 square inches) can be used as a suffix to describe a racquet
Other Playing Style - **
PC - Pure Control
PC+ - Pure Control Plus
PC600 - Prestige Classic 600
PD - Pure Drive
PD+ - Pure Drive Plus
PDC - Pure Drive Cortex
PDC+ - Pure Drive Cortex Plus
PHRT - pro hurricane tour
POG - Prince Original Graphite
PS - Pro Staff
PSGD - Prince Synthetic Gut w/ Duraflex
PSGO - Prince Synthetic Gut w/o Duraflex
Pusher - A player focussed on not making errors **
RDS ### - The Yonex RDS series of frames, seen commonly in the RDS 001 & 002
RDX ### - The Yonex RDX series of frames, seen commonly in the RDX 300 & 500
Retriever - **
Seniors Tour - Like the pro tour, but for famous retired players, like Pete Sampras
SF - Moderator SFrazeur
Spoiler - A thread that contains a recent match result
SPPP - Signum Pro Poly Plasma
SV - Saint Vincent or Serve and Volley
SW - Semi-western grip
SW - Swing Weight
SW2 - Swing weight two
Top - Topspin
Troll - Someone who makes posts simply to argue or gain attention
TS - Topspin
TTW - Talk Tennis Warehouse
TW - Tennis Warehouse
UO - US Open
USO - US Open
W - Western grip
W - Wimbledon
WTA - Women's Tennis Association *
ATW - around the world, a one peice string pattern for racquets that require a two peice job.

More too come, I probably forgot a few.
* I'm sure someone can better define this - but it is something that often gets asked in a thread
** 1-Line summaries of the playing-style names from KKs thread would be good, they often get asked about

These aren't quite tennis, but they are used pretty frequently on this forum, please submit any you would like to see here.

(sp?) - did I spell this right? Usually put right after the word in question.
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