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Nastase was one of the most gifted athletes of all time. Like Borg, his best shot was his body. Was fast like the wind. In tennis terms, he played an artistic allround game like Santana or now Federer. Had all the shots, including the topspin lob. Developed a very hard, underrated serve, especially in his later years. Only weakness was maybe the penetration on the volley, which cost him at least one Wimbledon win. Played and won many , many tournaments, around 80, if you count pre open and open era. Could beat and demolish all top players, including Borg and Connors, whom he owned for most of his career.Under the tutelage of Tiriac, he turned to nasty tricks, often to his own detriment. His nerves were as highly strung as his rackets. Had problems with favorite-status. In 1973, as the only top player, to play Wimbledon, and hottest favorite ever, he lost to Sandy Mayer in round of 16. Playing on his home ground, home clay and before all his relatives as line judges, he gifted the Davis Cup 1972 to the Americans, which made him very unpopular in Bukarest.Was disqualified by referee Horst Klosterkemper in the first round of 1975 Masters vs. Ashe, only to win the tournament vs. Borg 2,2 and 1.
Nastase did not win more slams because of his temper and antics...however, he was one of the most complete and talented player of then best era for tennis, the 70īs.On his day, he was nearly unbeatable, and most of the time, he defeated himself.

In all, he had many of the virtues that made tennis of that time so great
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