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Haven't had the chance to test how long the strings will last as I'm only on day three today. I don't think I'll have to worry about tension loss, though!

With the 20lbs set up, I didn't feel as I was getting any advantage over the 30lbs set up and there was some adjustment needed on serve. I was living on 2nd serves at 20lbs as I was finding it hard to get my first serve out of the net.

30lbs already feels very soft and even though 20lbs felt softer, I wasn't getting the same bite on slice. Topspin hops really well at both tensions. Flatter strokes have some effortless depth to them which is more controllable at 30lbs compared to 20lbs.

Interestingly, the trampoline affect I was expecting simply wasn't there. At 30lbs, the ball goes into the stringbed, I could feel extreme pocketing, but then the ball just comes out as I would expect from a poly and didn't head into orbit at all.

I was hitting with Gran yesterday and he told me it was like I was playing stealth tennis as he couldn't hear the difference between me cracking the ball, or taking pace off. I managed to flat foot him several times with slice backhand drop shots when he thought I was going to slice deep.

My level of precision was spot on at 30lbs and pretty decent for me at 20lbs -- more so with topspin at 20lbs over slice. With both tensions the amount of feel I had was very high so touch shots, lobs, drop volleys etc were all working really well for me.

Today is a 10lbs day. Yes, I could probably string it up in my lap and just hand pull the string, but I'll do it on the stringer. I will blog this afternoon on how it goes.

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