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Originally Posted by Standupnfall View Post
How would a Soft Poly such as Black Magic or PolyStar Energy at 40-50lbs compare to a Super Soft Multi like Maxim Touch at 55-58lbs in terms of arm-friendliness.
Or even a cheap first gen Poly at 40-50.

I did like Polystar at 50 and wondering how arm friendly this is compared to a much softer string at a standard mid tension like 55lbs.

Great question I wish I knew the answer to. Looks like I know what I'll be trying out the next few weeks! My only trial was BAM at 43lbs, compared to VS gut at 57lbs. The gut was still better for my arm, but once we get down into the 30s, this could change. I do know that kevlar/gut at 40-45 is quite comfy.

Thanks for the blog Chris, keep it up, good luck with 10lbs, heh.
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