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Originally Posted by jk175d View Post
very intriguing! My question to you Chris, do you get the feeling that the novelty of the low tensions might be influencing your feelings about it at this point and once that aspect wears off you might think differently? Can you simply break down the pro's and cons of 30lbs vs your tried and true set-up? Thanks for sharing.
I've been playing points while hitting so the novelty of the low tensions quickly went away as I had to get down to business. At first, when I realized how much spin I could get, I was trying to put maximum spin on everything -- fine for hitting, but not getting it done during points. I realized this very early on, so just played normally from then on.

First few tiebreaks with the 20lbs set up was a little tough mentally and I had to keep telling myself to forget about the string and just play my game. Returning at 5-5 in a breaker, it was tough to trust the strings and just hit my shots, but I did it and it worked out great.

Today, going to 10lbs was easier than going from 30lbs to 20lbs. The only issue I had at 10lbs was excessive vibration -- something I didn't have at 30lbs or 20lbs.

As I mentioned in the blog, I'm going to play around between 25-35lbs to find the right tension for me. Volandri strings around 26lbs on the pro tour, so that might be my next test tension.

Chris, TW
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