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Originally Posted by ahile02 View Post
Awesome interesting stuff Chris. Would you say at lower tensions you had to remember to stay loose on your strokes more? I'd imagine trying to muscle the ball at that low of tensions would just send the ball flying.

Do you think you're going to permanently use really low tensions?

I second what another poster said, a video of this would be really cool!

Thanks alot Chris, keep up the good work!
I found if I just cleared my mind and played as usual, blocking out the low tension deal, worked best. It was tough at times to trust the racquet and stay on the gas during points, but it worked out.

It is amazing how quickly we adjust as players. After hitting with the 10lbs racquet, when I went to the 30lbs racquet it felt crisp in comparison. Imagine that, a racquet strung at 30lbs, feeling crisp! While it was obviously still very soft, compared to 10bs it was pretty crispy.

We are shooting the Nike Vapor Lunarlite shoe review Monday, so I'll tack on some additional shooting to get footage of hitting with low tensions.

Chris, TW
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