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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
They were used in the past in wooden racquets. With graphite, I'm not sure how syn gut or natural gut would be at these low tensions. The use of poly as a string material definitely makes low tensions a realistic option.

Poly is stiff before you string it, while you string it and after you string it. Even just holding the string, so at 0lbs, it is stiff.

Chris, TW
Natural gut at 30lbs is really nice to feed with but impossible to compete at a high level. These tensions definitely require at least half poly. My go to right no is bph 18 mains and global 17 crosses 34/36. Its had about a week to settle in and feels great.

What I have wondered for a long time is at what point do you finally stop gaining power from dropping tension? I think its somewhere around 40lbs. At least for my Avery m3 power. Any thoughts?
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