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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
They were used in the past in wooden racquets. With graphite, I'm not sure how syn gut or natural gut would be at these low tensions. The use of poly as a string material definitely makes low tensions a realistic option.

Poly is stiff before you string it, while you string it and after you string it. Even just holding the string, so at 0lbs, it is stiff.

Chris, TW
I think this is an important distinction. I bet even a synthetic gut may be too stretchy to string this low.

Your blog has inspired me to give poly another shot. I first tried poly (SPPP) a year ago and didn't like it. I dropped the recommended 10% (from 53 to 47) but still felt it was too harsh and difficult to volley with. I have a pack of luxilon fluoro that has been collecting dust, so I'll use that. I think I'm gonna try 30 lbs and see how it goes.

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