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I think the break will do him good.. maybe he could have done with winning 1/2 more matches than this one but getting all the way to the final would probably be too much tennis.

Henman knows how to play on grass for sure.. and I think Annacone has done a good job with him over the clay court season and of course Annacone has worked with Sampras to good effect at Wimbledon. Tim is getting to the stage though where he's going to have to take win one soon.. this year maybe next year. At the moment I can't really think of that many good grass court players.. Federer (and maybe Roddick) excepted. Phillippousis seems to be off his game. Agassi appears to be on his way down. Can't think of any other genuine S&V players. The guys with big serves will probably have a chance as well. Same applies for next year.. barring some wunderkid comes along who can play S&V. After that though.. Tim is going to be the wrong side of 30 and I can't think of any first time GS winners after the age of 30.
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