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Originally Posted by ClubHoUno View Post
I can only read this fu#ked up jerks posts, when he's quoted by others, becausť the idiot and his alias Ivan Lendl's Backhand is on my ignorelist.

I've played with nat guts for longer and have used more sets of nat gut than this idiot has even seen in his life.

I'm not asking about full jobs of nat gut, but nat gut hybrids with poly, which because of the poly also can be played nicely at lower tension, just not tension as low as with full poly jobs of course.

I use 1-2 sets of VS Team Gut a month in hybrids with Luxilon Alu Power and WeissCannon Silverstring.
Have just not experimented with tension lower than 52 lbs mains for the gut and 48 lbs crosses for the poly in 95 SQ" 18X20 frames, but will start to do so soon.

Was just looking for comments from other guys - I was certainly NOT looking for a comments from the biggest TROLL on this board - PeterCharvet aka Ivan Lendl's Backhand - ignore the guy, in 50% of his posts in here, he's attacking me showing how big of a TROLL he really is, and the moderator does NOTHING.

Oh yes, the moderator banned me, while PeterCharvet still is free to continue his personal attacks on me.........
You should let a moderator know about all this.
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