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Originally Posted by JT_2eighty View Post
He was talking about gut hybrided with poly, and as has been talked about earlier in the thread, there are already some people who hybrid gut/poly at or below 40 lbs.

Can everyone just please chillax we're just talking about strings here, wow. And so what if he happened to string all gut at 40 lbs?? Let that person try it and then see what happens. no need for hostility and name-calling over string setups, geez.

For instance, I use kevlar mains with gut crosses, both strung mid 40's and the ball only flies long if I use a eastern grip. It's a very solid control setup, so I imagine poly instead of kevlar at this tension, still with gut cross will also be quite controlled. Or gut mains poly cross at that tension also will be playable. Give it a shot and see!
The guy hates me and he uses every occasion possible to offend and hassle me..........
I only read his posts, when someone quotes him, since the guy and his 2 aka's is on my ignore list

I already am testing VS nat gut mains @ 52 lbs and Luxilon alu Power crosses @ 48 lbs, and love it.... Will try ti go lower step by step, but would like to hear if anyone has gone much lower with a nat gut - poly hybrid.

As you have noted, but Peter-MORON-IDIOT-JERK-Charvet has not, I'm not talking about full nat gut jobs here !
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