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Originally Posted by ClubHoUno View Post
The guy hates me and he uses every occasion possible to offend and hassle me..........
I only read his posts, when someone quotes him, since the guy and his 2 aka's is on my ignore list

I already am testing VS nat gut mains @ 52 lbs and Luxilon alu Power crosses @ 48 lbs, and love it.... Will try ti go lower step by step, but would like to hear if anyone has gone much lower with a nat gut - poly hybrid.

As you have noted, but Peter-MORON-IDIOT-JERK-Charvet has not, I'm not talking about full nat gut jobs here !
Peter Charvet has certainly made himself known as a less than educated poster......If others haven't seen my previous posts, I already said I have been playing with hybrids in the 30's for a few years now. I compete at a 4.5 level and have no trouble with control. In fact, when I attempt to go to 40lbs is when I lose complete control. I teach alot of 4.0's at my place of work and when I play with over 40lbs I am not worth the price of the lesson. The ball starts flying everywhere. Full polys are great in the 30's and hybrids with global gut crosses feels extremely comfortable without much more ( if any) power. I think it is because its past the point of increasing power. Bottom line...hybrids with syn or nat gut in the 30lb range is an amazing setup for serious competition.
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