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I tried stringing my Prince Graphite Longbody last night at 32 lbs with SPPP. I typically love extremely high tensions. My usual setup is 66/68 lbs Blue Gear m/ SPPP x. I use that tension just based on the SPPP having snapped on me when I tried 72 lbs., and the Blue Gear losing spin capabilities on me over 66.

Anyway, I had a quick hit with the 32 lbs setup last night. At first I only took abbreviated swings thinking everything would fly long. Touch felt nice, and shots just seemed to be landing in. There weren't as many fly aways as I would have thought. I actually felt that flat shots were very effective and found myself hitting flat for the first half an hour. Then the strings settled in a little bit (typical for SPPP), and I started to find this tremendous range. Wherever I wanted to hit, whatever spin, and any angle all became available to me. At the time I was hitting into the wind, so I asked my hitting partner to switch so to have the wind behind me to see if I lost this amazing command I had over my shots. And to my shock, my shots became even more accurate with the wind behind me. Nothing seemed to fly. I was getting better control, touch, and spin than my 66/68 set up, and any other set up I have tried for that matter ( I do experiment alot).
I am going out for a match this morning against a 4.5 guy. So I hope to report back more good results...

As a post script, I love high tensions. I have always gravitated towards these setups. Played with Kevlar/ 15g syngut at 72 lbs when at school. Now I am back in the 60's with poly, but alot of time feel that I want something tighter. I religiously try tensions in the 50's after trying friend's racquets or based on recommendations. It feels good in everybody else's frame except mine. So stringing at 32 lbs tension is a quite a pleasant surprise for me.
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