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Default 2 Youtek Radical Pros 4 1/4 grip for sale

I have 2 Head Youtek Radical Pros for sale in the 4 1/4 grip size.

They are stock and weigh 334g strung with an OG and have a 16X19 pattern. The Head leather grips are in excellent shape and I've always used an OG on them.

Stick 1 is freshly strung with Genesis SpinX at 57/55. This stringjob is unhit as yet.
Stick 2 is strung with Genesis SpinX at 57/55 and has only been hit for 2 hours.
They are in excellent shape, I would rate them as 8.25 out of 10. The only wear marks are slight ones on the hoop where the stringer (Bab Star 5) grips the racquets.

They're great sticks and hit really heavy from the baseline but some shoulder issues are forcing me to get something a bit lighter.

I have pics on request.

I'm looking for $110 each shipped or $200 together shipped if you buy the pair.

I will ship CONUS Priority Mail and have numerous references on the boards.
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