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Default Why is the turnover rate so low in tennis?

Agassi has been out there for over 12 years and still number 2 in America. Philippousiss has been playing for maybe 8 years and he is still no.2 in Australia. Do you see something wrong with this picture? I find it hard to believe that during all these years with so many eager and talented young people out there working their asses off, the turnover rate in men's tennis is still so low.
I think tennis is overly internationalized which robs the young talents from the opportunities to attend the real events that count. It simply costs too much in terms of travelling cost and national pride for the promoters to take a chance on the young people. Of course there are local events but the ones that really count are all international and it is simply too difficult to break into the international circuit. Even if you had the talent you wouldn't be able to overcome the costs and the redtapes involved.
The big irony is that in order to make tennis a more popular sport worldwide, actually they have to take a big step backward and turn it into a more localized sport so that they could promote more local talents. ESPN would probably give tennis a much bigger share of the broadcast pie if there were US only tennis tournaments. They wouldn't have to show Williams only matches anymore.
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