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Not beating up on Kuzzy, but she hasn't changed since she won the USO in 2004. That was the first match of hers I saw. I could tell she had some erratic strokes, but I saw moments of brilliance there as she had the mindset and talent to dictate play and go for the kill. I figured she'd be able to tweak a few rough edges and then work her way to being the next breakout girl.

Fast forward almost six years and really nothing's changed. All the topspin in the world isn't going to compensate for her tendency to hit late and off-center on her forehand. She has one of the best serves on the tour but she doesn't take advantage of it. Really nice touch at the net but when she's in a tense battle she avoids the net like the plague. It's like she wants to be a topspin freak, blast laser beams, and be an intimidating grinder.....all at the same time. That just won't work. She makes so many stupid mistakes out of frustration and from having too many ideas to choose from. She has an identity crisis when all eyes are on her.

Her problems are basically the same as Petrova's and to some extent Safina's. Instead of of keeping it simple, they are the makers of their own demise when push comes to shove. Now you have Kuz that's erratic and mentally clueless (almost retired after 2008 ), Safina and Petrova that are mentally and physically breaking down.
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