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Originally Posted by ClubHoUno View Post
Probably a stupid question Jack, but since you already own the BLX racquet, how come you just didn't test the grip, that came stock on the BLX, when you bought it
I did, but I was wondering what others thought of it. I usually don't like leather grips, since they aren't usually too soft and I like a little comfort from my grip.
I thought the Hyprid Pro was OK....not as harsh as full leather grips, but also not as soft as most synthetic grips. I replaced one of them with a Hybrid Performance grip, which is half cotton and half synthetic and that was better, but I didn't like the "channels" feel in between the wraps. It also made the grip a little too fat. Today I tried one of my favorite grips....the Prince Resipro and that felt better to me than either of the Wilson hybrid grips. So I think I am going to stick with the Resipro's for now. The Hybrid pro isn't bad...just not so great for me personally.
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