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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Anyone have any comments on the new Wilson Hybrid grips that come with the new BLX line? The Hybrid Pro is half leather and half synthetic. Is this as harsh as typical leather grips? I tried the Hybrid Performance, but didn't like it that much because it gives you little "channels" in between the wrappings, like a "contour" grip. It's possible I didn't overlap enough though and that's what caused this.

Some grips I have liked include the Head Hydrosorb, the Babolat Syntec and the Prince Resipro. I might change out my 3 BLX grips for one of those, but I like to keep the same brand grip as the racquet for some strange reason
I thought the hybrid pro was half synthetic half cotton or something like that, I have 2 4 3/8 that I put leather and two overgrips on and then I have one 4 1/2 with the hybrid pro and one overgrip, they feel almost identical
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