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Originally Posted by Chezbeeno View Post
I thought the hybrid pro was half synthetic half cotton or something like that, I have 2 4 3/8 that I put leather and two overgrips on and then I have one 4 1/2 with the hybrid pro and one overgrip, they feel almost identical
No....the "Hyprid Pro" is half cotton/half leather
the "Hybrid Performance" is half cotton/half synthetic
the "Hybrid Comfort" is half foam/half synthetic

One negative is that the cotton sticks to the racquet when you try and take it off, so once you put the grip on a racquet, you can't remove it and reuse it. I prefer the Prince Resipro or the Gamma Tech on the BLX95. I would like to try the "Hybrid Comfort" but I am afraid it will make the grip feel too thick.
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