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Originally Posted by tennis005 View Post
(1) Overgrips are alot thinner and usually come three per pack.
(2) Replacement grips usually come one per pack and have glue on one side. Also thicker.

Most players use overgrips as they are cheaper and easier to replace then normal grips. Saves time and money.
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replacement grips / main grips have adhesive on the whole tape. whereas overgrips only have a small adhesive at the tapered end. not too sure if you can spot it if they are in a seal packaging. nevertheless, overgrips are generally way much cheaper than replacement grip.

there are guys who hit with a single overgrip and no main grip under it (or just 2 overgrips). all about preference.

i play with a tw leather grip as base with a single overgrip. i use white overgrips so they can remind me to change them when they give me the "dirty look" lol
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