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Originally Posted by gamma366 View Post
Is there someone can explain why the same metal frame was made or sold by different brands? I.e WILSON T 2000- LACOSTE(I DON'T REMEMBER THE MODEL) or PDP OPEN-HEAD PROFESSIONAL-ADIDAS NDS660(CORRECT?) and a frame by DUNLOP endorsed by Colin Dibley and Evonne Goolagong . Thanks
Yes, I know what you mean, although as explained above some of those that you've mentioned are actually slightly different racquets!

But, when they are the same, it is normally because the brands or designs were owned the same company.

For example as Joe was basically saying the design for the Wilson T2000 was sold by Lacoste, and then Lacoste and Wilson both produced basically the same racquet!

Similar with the PDP Open which is identical to a Le Coq Sportif metal (which I can't remember the name of), either both brands owned by same people (not sure here), or patent sold to the other brand/company!
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