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Originally Posted by Kick Serve 14 View Post
know: is there a synthetic grip that is similar to leather in weight, and being able to feel the bevels as sharply and the leather(maybe a little less so) while still being softer on my hands?
If you are only concerned about weight then just add the difference in weight between leather and synthetic using lead tape. Babolat Skin feel is a grip that is thin so you can feel the bevels.

Two options that I might suggest:
1. let the blisters heal and develop calluses. I have been using leather for a while and now, I have calluses on my hands. It just toughened up my hand. So let the blisters heal, then keep playing.

2. Test out synthetic grips. There are a lot of options out there. Obviously you can't get the best of both worlds. But I have to admit if I had tried Head hydrosorb tour in the past, I would be using it now. There are a lot of good grips out there. 2 that I would recommend trying and looking into are Prince Resipro and Head hydrosorb tour. Resipro come on the Rebels and Hydrosorb comes on the yt radical and yt prestige. Instead of trying the grips on demo racquets I would suggest buying one and wrapping it to your own likeing on your own racquet. To get more bevel feel, try wrapping them fairly tight.

I hope this helps.
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