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Originally Posted by tailofdog View Post
I will share what i know and perhaps you can point me in the right direction.
I play at a 4.0 level and will be 62 in june. I play with a 12 0z racquet and know that weight provides power and keeps the racquet going through the ball not, comming off as you due with a lighter racquet.
I also know there is more bad image on the super oversize than facts warrant.
It,s just not comfotable when people have negative comments about your gear.(ask the former owners of wonder wand)
Now since none of the Vortex racquets have any weight to speak of what direction would be better for me? I have played from 93 to 137 sq in racquets and have been playing for a long time. I use a 105 head now and would probably normally look at the ES 108. Since it only weighs 10.5 oz I will ask this question. Iknow that any racquet over 27.5 becomes more difficult on one handed bathe whole range is game improvementckhands. the exception to this is light weight racquets which become easy to move around.
By definition . As tom plays 4.5 Senior tennis i, would assume this is good at that reasonable level.
I am very sincere in asking you what are the advantages and drawbacks of the different models. Joesch comments on the lighter weight being no problem
made me look at these as i know he is a very experenced player.
On the Facebook (VORTEX) at 5.0 level winner one is using the ES 116 and 1
4.0 winner is using the ES 133.
So any answers to the + and - of different models will be appreciated
there is no substitute for demoing. And you try a racquet out and excahnge it in 30 days with Tom.

But I will tell what I think is the best for you....even though it may be wrong.

At age 62 I really think you will freaking love both the 116 & 133.....and I think you will go up a level with the 133 for sure.

General racquet principles don't apply to the Vortex becaise of the stringing system and the racquet construction .

Everyone talks about the strings, but the racquet is actually equally unique. The 133 is the only racquet that size that is unbelievably head light. You will not believe the control. You will be swing around this boat of a stick and you will be just as maneuvarble.

The 133 is longer than any racquet I have seen and the 116 is also pretty long . If you don't hit with huge topspin and have short strokes either racquet will do. I don't know of you will like the 116 or 133 better. But I'm telling you there are no racquets on the market that volley better than these things .

It's all sweet spot, it's huge, and it's as maneuverable as an 85 square inch racquet. Return of serve are AMAZING with the 133.

If you take a big swing at your serve however the 133 may not be the way to go and you might want to opt for the 116.

Either way you won't believe how great your volleys and return of serves will be with the 133. You are going to be blown away, I promise .

A pro hit the hardest shot he could at me with it . I lunged and hit am I believable winner from the net. We were both amazed. The 133 is very very hard to beat at the net.

Your singles play will improve immensely. Not only will you get to far more balls with the 133 ( and 116) but they will be winners.

But remember , these sticks were meant for short groundstrokes . The racquet will do most of the work.

133 report card

volley A++++

serves A for novice C for advanced

return of serves A +++++

groundies.....B + for novice D for advanced

overheads A++++++++ ( never miss an overhead again)

slices.....b+ for novice , C for advanced

THE 116 is the same as the 133 but if you have slightly bigger strokes then this would be the way to go. You have to try both. But the 133 in certain departments is the best racquet ever made
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