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Talking Australia

Originally Posted by Murray Mound View Post
Because unlike other huge frames the 133 is really head lite. About 8 points O think. All the other racquets of similar size are head heavy . It's huge and it's unbelievably maneuvarable.

The stringing stystem also helps. You see the top of the racquet is very low tension. when you hot a volley near the top of a racquet with a conventional frame it's never a strong volley amd usually a net ball. But with the low pressure of the vortex not only will the ball get over the net but it will be a winner .

The 133 is very very hard to beat in anyones hands . It's really a very special stick. But I
would have to say that more people love the 116 because it does everything the 133 does but with a little less power and more maneuverability.
Becaue i live in Australia i will probably have to get the right one first up.
If the 116 has less power i will probably look at that. I will e-mail Tom as he is older and knows his racquet quirks first hand. What i don,t want is a racquet that sends the ball into the fence. My PROKENNEX KI 15PSE has the right power for me. I would not be able to control it,s power if not for topspin.
So i have until the middle of may to make up my mind.
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