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Originally Posted by haerdalis View Post
I can believe getting the racquet in the way of the ball is easy but aiming and punching the volley with good control is another thing.

I cant wait till I get mine, the 108 I am trying.
Still the perfect volleyracquet for me would be one with the stability and punch of a
wilson tour 90 and the maneuverability of a 26" junior racquet.
I completely I agree. I thought the same thing....but I was wrong.

I never would even try a racquet over 98. So for kicks I tried all four models. The 133 was absolutely incredible for volleys.....unbelievable.
However I play with the 100 because the 133 was just too powerful for my ground strokes and serves. But for volleys and return of serves.....OMG! Best stick in those departments known to man! It defys logic.
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