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Originally Posted by BlaackSheeep View Post
I have both the ES116 and the ES100 and I think the 116 is a better and more versatile racket. I think I can do anything with the 116. I originally started this thread to gain some insight on the 100 and after reading a few posts about it I ordered one. But I can say now the 116 is a superior racket for what I use it for: doubles. And for those people that don't think the 116 is a topspin stick, I kick fairly dead balls on groundstrokes 6 feet in the air routinely. The 100 is good too, but not that good. I have the 133 on order now too and I can't wait for that baby. For those that think the ES116 is a granny stick, I'm 6'3" and 225 lbs. and I spend about 4-6 hours in the gym every week lifting weights to try to compensate for being 51 years old. I'm stronger that most of the people I play, and the Vortex helps me make up for my lack of speed.
The 116 is an awesome stick! And probably the most versatile. people LOVE that stick.

But there is no one stick for everyone. I think the 116 is probably better than the 100 for volleys and return of serves and maybe even overheads. but I need a far less powerful racquet for my serve. In fact i wish they made a thin beamed 95.

bottom line : "different strokes for different folks" means different people will like different sticks.

For me the 100 is the best but I certainly can see why you love the 116. its a GREAT GREAT stick.
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