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Originally Posted by dadozen View Post
TKenshin, do you use an OG on top of the LG? What does feel better in the Head Leather Tour?

Yeah, I have two PS GT Ltds 3/8 , one with the babolat leather and another with the head leather.

For the babolat leather one I used these ogs:
1. Yonex Super Grap- a little bit too thick, but when stretched it was a little bit better.
2. Forten- kind same as the Yonex.
3. Gamma supreme- way too thick.

For the head leather i used only the babolat pro team tacky which is like .05 mm thinner than the yonex super grap and its perfect.

When i was talking about grip size and feel in my earlier, i was talking about without the ogs. The grasp you can hold with the head leather, and the feeling of the placement of the pebbles was better than the babolat leather. Tomorrow I might play around and take off the forten og and put a pro team tacky and see if theres a difference with the same og.
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