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Originally Posted by haerdalis View Post
I got the racquet today. Played an hour with it and even if it might not be a racquet I will consider my main stick it was very good indeed. Control was better than expected. Stability was ok considering it is lightweight and headlight. It was easy hitting angles but the spin wasnt heavy. On serves I got good kick and slice but again the ball wasnt heavy.
Volleys were actually quite good. The gain in maneuverabilty seemed bigger than the loss of stability. Directional control was not bad.
My best shot with this racquet was my backhand slice. However my topspin backhand didnt work at all.
Very interesting design. This must be better than most game improvement frames out there. It reminded me a little bit of the völkl powerarm but with much better control.
Glad your having some fun with the racket.
I also like slicing, especially on the BH side but find the topspin soo easy with these rackets that I mostly hit over all balls.
Maybe the factory string setup is too loose for you, try those MSV hex 1.2 strings at a higher tension, it may give you even better control.
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