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Originally Posted by joe sch View Post
Glad your having some fun with the racket.
I also like slicing, especially on the BH side but find the topspin soo easy with these rackets that I mostly hit over all balls.
Maybe the factory string setup is too loose for you, try those MSV hex 1.2 strings at a higher tension, it may give you even better control.
Joe I know how much you love those MSV hex strings and I know how they got the string of the year and everything.

But you have got to try the blue gear with this stick. You get more spin but it also gives more control because of the incredible spin.

Another interesting thing is that I was watching the tennis channel and saw the show tennis destinations with that hot asian chick......anyway she was taking a lesson from Vilas. He said a lot of interesting things one of which was that the harder you actually swing with topspin the more the ball will go in.

I know it doesnt make sense but I just trusted the stick and swung for the fences with heavy topspin. The results were amazing. The amount of topspin I can hit with the Vortex /blue gear together with a huge topspin stroke is amazing. I almost have to close my eyes because if I think about what Im doing I will screw it up.
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