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Originally Posted by haerdalis View Post
Yeah worked out great! Thanks alot for the service.
So now I am playing with the Vortex 108, Bab PST Ltd and Völkl PB 10 mid to see which one I like best. I like the feel of the Völkl, the looks of the Bab and the lightness and spin of the Vortex! The racquet is however too light for my backhand. Have to work on that. I think if I could actually hit my backhand and not just slice it I could play with this stick.
Going to try those other strings. Arent you supposed to string it at low tension? I strung my Völkl at 42 lbs and the Bab at 36 lbs and the feel very good.

You can string at any tension you want. Wade....Toms son plays at 58 pounds.

Also rememebr that strings lose tension very rapidly. If you string at 58 in a few weeks you will be playing with a 48.
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