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Originally Posted by Tkenshin View Post
Well today I put on the babolat pro team tacky on my other ps gtl and wow. It was noticeably thinner than the other racquet with the head leather. Now that both have the same over grips, the babolat one feels thinner(sorry had to repeat myself), you have more feeling of the bebbles, and overall seems to grasp better.

So if you go with no overgrip, go with head.
If you put on an overgrip go with babolat.
Thanks a LOT! That's exactly what I needed to know!

I'll use the leather grips with OGs on top, so Babolat is my choice then! I'll place an order right now( not in TW though ).

Can't wait for them to be delivered. I'm currently using a Wilson Leather but it sucks. Bleeds like crazy, you have to overlap it tremendously, it's thick and you can't feel the bevels well. I'll have to keep using it until the Babolat ones are delivered.

TKenshin, did you have to overlap the Bab LG too much in order to have a flat and uniform grip?
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