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Originally Posted by soyizgood View Post
So much for the Belgians raising the standard of play...
I dont know what your obsession with mocking the Belgians and basically all the non Russian Europeans are. Kim has won the U.S Open and the biggest non slam title in Miami, she has certainly done very well in her comeback. Her play and results are mysterious in that it is strangely streaky it seems. Justine less well but she has been close to winning 3 of the 4 tournaments she has been in since she came back, including the Aussie Open.

Oh yeah barring a miracle 1 of the Belgians (probably Henin) will still be winning the French Open.
There really isnt anyone else who can win it. Certainly wont be a Williams nor a Russian. Maybe Jankovic is the other one who could sneak it out possibly. So of course with the clay court season now upon us they will be talking of the 2 Belgians above all else. Who else is there to talk about.

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