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Originally Posted by thalivest View Post
I dont know what your obsession with mocking the Belgians and basically all the non Russian Europeans are. Kim has won the U.S Open and the biggest non slam title in Miami, she has certainly done very well in her comeback. Her play and results are mysterious in that it is strangely streaky it seems. Justine less well but she has been close to winning 3 of the 4 tournaments she has been in since she came back, including the Aussie Open.

Oh yeah barring a miracle 1 of the Belgians (probably Henin) will still be winning the French Open.
There really isnt anyone else who can win it. Certainly wont be a Williams nor a Russian. Maybe Jankovic is the other one who could sneak it out possibly.
I don't have anything against Clijsters. It's more her newfound worshipers and sudden bandwagon fans I have a bit of a gripe with. I agree she's done well in her comeback, but some of her smack-talking fans have this idea her and Henin are back to "save the tour". As I said before, Clijsters' game was built to hang with the hard-hitters so she was going to have an easier time getting back to the game than Henin.

Henin held the tour together in 2006 and 2007 when Serena was either injured or looked bored, but she pulled a Borg and suddenly left. Henin is a fighter, but as you can see she's got quite a bit of work to do especially with changing her style of play.

As for the French, I just don't see Henin winning it. Her backhand has looked erratic since her return, she has moments of being a DF-machine with her low 1st serve %, and she doesn't really intimidate anyone. In 2007, you were hoping to put up a respectable score against her. In 2008 her aura of invincibility disappeared thanks to Sharapova/Serena/Schiavone/Safina and now she's barely getting by against pushers (barely beat Wozniacki but lost badly to Dulko) while her power game fell apart against Serena. Not sure who takes the FO, but Dementieva/Clijsters/Jankovic/Azarenka might have a say in this one. Not sure Safina's back will be healed in time for it.

I didn't know criticizing Wozniacki and the Belgians was forbidden... Especially when WTA barely gets any mention on this forum. I must be doing something right.
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