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Originally Posted by thalivest View Post
Henin played really badly early in 2008, she was obviously burnt out which is why she retired for a couple years. Even today not at her very best again yet perhaps, she is easily better than 2008 which was probably her worst tennis ever.

I still see her winning the French as even her 70% is better than any of the current WTA's 100% on clay. Like Nadal if she is even coming close to winning on other surfaces winning on clay should be easy for her, even more than her as the other potential championship women mostly suck on clay. Like I said other than maybe Clijsters and Jankovic there isnt anyone else to win the French. It certainly wont be Dementieva, Azarenka, Safina (healthy or not), or Serena.
Even in 2008 Henin won 2 events. So far in her comeback 0 titles. I'm not sure what Henin's schedule is, but I'm skeptical she'll play a full schedule.

I'd hold off on calling her the fave for the French until I see her play again on clay. I read somewhere Clijsters disliked playing on clay despite her skill on that surface. Even then Clijsters has fewer clay titles than Venus. I wouldn't call Venus a favorite, but the fact she keeps playing Acapulco leads me to believe she genuinely wants to win it. I agree Serena won't win it but you can't completely rule her out either.
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