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Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post
Clijsters is overrated a bit on clay on here (as she is on HC seemingly) by some people. Sure she's good on the surface, but on a good day, players like Jankovic, Safina, Kuzzy, Vika can definitely take her out at the French. Clijsters making the FO final is far from a lock, and she isn't half the player Henin is on clay IMO.
I in part agree on that. However I dont think Safina or Kuznetsova will be any factor this years clay court season. Kuznetsova is completely out of form and Safina has been injured or completely out of form since last summer. Viktoria is a big mental wuss in the slams as she showed again in Australia vs Serena. Unless Kim has a day like she did vs Petrova in Australia, Vika wont be beating her in a slam anytime soon. Jankovic is a threat I agree, though her head to head history vs the Belgians isnt promising.

Henin of course is better than Kim on clay but if they meet at the French it is possible the demons from those two close losses on hard courts for Kim this year will begin to creep in again. It depends if Henin regains some of her old swagger atleast on the clay before the French.
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