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Originally Posted by davey25 View Post
Henin vs Serena in Australia wasnt great either. Henin didnt play well at all execution wise or tactically and was unable to take her multiple chances in that match of beating even a fatigued and injured Serena. Kuznetsova vs Serena at last years Australian Open was not much or any better than their French Open match either. Sharapova has been involved in a number of other doozies which she either narrowly won or narrowly lost, battling through crappy play and her opponent choking her way down to Maria's shaky level in those matches.
I forgot to throw in Clijsters vs Kleybanova Indian Wells. Maybe it was because I was trying hard not think about that one again. Clijsters was a total headcase in that one while Kleybanova looked like she was running without a head all match long.
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