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Originally Posted by WillAlwaysLoveYouTennis View Post
Tennisguyak, I appreciate your writing in German. I am not German myself (am Russian), but I moved to Germany several years ago and learned the language after I arrived. I had both formal lessons in a course program and learning from individuals in common situations in life because all spoke German and I had to "get it".

One of the most defeating things I overcame, and very many I knew who were trying to learn the language, was that someone who knows German better or is German was always correcting you. It could make you feel like what you did know wasn't good enough, or that you don't want to try again. They don't seem to realize that in the way that giving those "corrections" it is in some ways a "wtf" especially if they are not requested or asked for. Always thought it was strange, they could obviously understood what you wrote and this person did, but tried to correct you anyway, yet if they were speaking or writing English (for example) they wouldn't like the same random correction, and they have the same or similar flaws when they try to type or speak English.
sorry, but it wasnīt meant angrily at all...
he asked for help and I thought i could help him a little bit..
Iīm not American and if my English isnīt that good I would appreciate it if someone could help me.
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