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Originally Posted by CyBorg View Post
Borg also won three consecutive events at the US Pro (Boston) on har-tru from 1974 to 1976 (correct me if I'm wrong). Hilton Head was an exo on har-tru as well. Borg won that in 1976 and 1977 and then it was scrapped.

Har-tru played faster than red clay and was much more friendly to players like Connors and other guys who simply did not do well on red. It's "clay", but "clay" is just a label. The material isn't the same.
Yes, Boston went to har-tru in '74 and Borg won it three straight times (though he didn't have to face Connors). Plus he has those two Hilton Head titles on har-tru.

This thing about har-tru not being clay is tricky, because har-tru might be faster, but it's still a slow surface, comparable to clay in that sense. On the other hand as you say the material is not the same, and it made some difference in the matchups. I think it made a difference in the Borg-Connors matches, though not necessarily because Borg was really hindered on har-tru. Red clay, especially at its slowest, was obviously Borg's strongest suit, but he could play well on all slow surfaces. I think it made more of a difference to Connors. He could play great on har-tru but was, at best, questionable on red clay. Or at least an unproven force on red clay.

I don't know but did Jimmy have any real experience on red clay, I mean in his formative years? He lost in the opening rounds at the French in '72 and '73 when he was already a top player; and after he started playing at the French again in '79 he never got past the semis. It's just a contrast with what he did at the USO on har-tru (making all three finals, and winning one of them).

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