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Originally Posted by krosero View Post

This thing about har-tru not being clay is tricky, because har-tru might be faster, but it's still a slow surface, comparable to clay in that sense. On the other hand as you say the material is not the same, and it made some difference in the matchups. I think it made a difference in the Borg-Connors matches, though not necessarily because Borg was really hindered on har-tru. Red clay, especially at its slowest, was obviously Borg's strongest suit, but he could play well on all slow surfaces.
I played a lot on har-tru as a youngster (it is popular in the southern US) and on hard courts.

The ball tends to skid a lot, particularly off of power shots. I don't know if this is also true of red clay (having played on red clay only twice, and I can't remember the conditions--I was too young).
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